Remembrance Day 2024

When is Remembrance Day 2024?

Remembrance Day 2024 is on Monday, November 11, 2024 (in 255 days).  Calendar for 2024
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What is Remembrance Day?

Poppy wreaths on Remembrance DayPoppy wreaths on Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day is a day of remembrance observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of World War I to honor members of the armed forces who fell in the line of duty. It is held every year on November 11.

The day is marked by holding a one- or two-minute silence at 11 am ("the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month"), the time and date in 1918 when the armistice (the formal agreement of the warring parties to stop fighting) became effective and World War I ended.

It should not to be confused with Remembrance Sunday. In the UK the main observance ceremonies are held on Remembrance Sunday (the second Sunday in November, the Sunday nearest to November 11), which occasionally falls on the same day as Remembrance Day.

The Red Poppy - the symbol of Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day is also known as Poppy Day due to the tradition of wearing remembrance poppies (artificial corn poppies made of plastic and cardboard by disabled ex-servicemen and sold by charities in support of war veterans) from late October until Remembrance Sunday.

Originally called Armistice Day immediately after the end of World War I, it is a public holiday in a number of countries, even though most have changed the name.

In the United States it is now known as Veterans Day and is a federal holiday. Its character has also changed: instead of honoring only the dead, Veterans Day remembers all those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. It was given its current name in 1954 at the urging of major U.S. veterans' organizations. The official national remembrance of those killed in action is Memorial Day, held annually on the last Monday of May, which predates World War I.

In France and Belgium the name remains Armistice Day in its French equivalents ("Jour de l'Armistice", "Armistice de 1918" or simply "Armistice").

In Germany the day is not a public holiday as Germany's national day of mourning, called Volkstrauertag (German for "people's day of mourning"), is celebrated two Sundays before the first day of Advent, on the Sunday closest to November 16 (it falls in the period between 13 November and 19 November).

Further reading: Remembrance Day on Wikipedia

When is Remembrance Day 2025?

Remembrance Day 2025 is on Tuesday, November 11, 2025 (in 620 days).  Calendar for 2025

Dates for Remembrance Day from 2019 to 2029

The next occurrence of Remembrance Day is marked in red.

When is ...? Date      Day of the week      Days away     
Remembrance Day 2019      November 11, 2019      Monday      1572 days ago
Remembrance Day 2020      November 11, 2020      Wednesday      1206 days ago
Remembrance Day 2021      November 11, 2021      Thursday      841 days ago
Remembrance Day 2022      November 11, 2022      Friday      476 days ago
Remembrance Day 2023      November 11, 2023      Saturday      111 days ago
Remembrance Day 2024      November 11, 2024      Monday      in 255 days
Remembrance Day 2025      November 11, 2025      Tuesday      in 620 days
Remembrance Day 2026      November 11, 2026      Wednesday      in 985 days
Remembrance Day 2027      November 11, 2027      Thursday      in 1350 days
Remembrance Day 2028      November 11, 2028      Saturday      in 1716 days
Remembrance Day 2029      November 11, 2029      Sunday      in 2081 days
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Remembrance Day 2024
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